There's a right way and a wrong way to pop a pimple.

After this class, you'll feel confident you know the right way.

This certification course teaches all you need to know to start offering this service.

  • The Anatomy of a Pimple
  • Exactly What Tool to Use for What Type of Blemish
  • Pre- and Post-Treatment for the Ultimate Extractions
  • When NOT to Pop a Pimple
  • Safety Protocol to Prevent Infection and Scarring
  • Perfect your technique and deliver exciting and effective results.

Build your reputation for quality facials.

Advanced techniques reign. Rise above the common. And take your facials to another level.

Have clients spreading the word about your amazing results.

Includes Everything You Need to Start Offering Your New Service

  • Service Description Text for Menu
  • Customizable Instagram and Facebook Images
  • Extraction After-Care Handout to Give to Clients
  • High-Quality Images to Market Your New Service
  • Extraction Protocol Cheat Sheets
  • Printable Certificate to Display
  • Recommendations for the How to Choose Your Tools
  • Digital Badge to Share on Your Website

Fill your schedule...

and earn $30,000 extra!

You only need one client to sign up for an extraction to earn back your investment in this certification court.

But if you have just one client a day, you can earn up to $39,150 per year. 

In the course, you'll also get marketing tips to help you promote your new expertise.

Stay busy for the long-term!